An organization for doctors and other healthcare professionals, for a sustainable, plant-based food transition.

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13 september


Webinar for healthcare professionals who want to know more about Caring Doctors and who also want to actively participate.

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4 november

Caring Congres

The third Caring Congress in Antropia Driebergen; now for the first time with Caring Farmers, Caring Vets and Caring Doctors.

We are a collective of doctors and other healthcare professionals that will bring about a transition
away from our current destructive animal food system.
For people, animals and nature.

Our current animal food system and overconsumption are increasingly creating welfare diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, accelerated joint complaints and unfortunately also cancer.

Because we put more than half of our food production into a pig, chicken or cow, this creates food shortages in other parts of the world. One billion people have no daily food security, while we already produce enough plant-based food for ten billion people.

Furthermore, worldwide intensive livestock farming contributes to deforestation, loss of biodiversity, water shortages, soil pollution from pesticides and artificial fertilizers, air pollution from particulate matter, water pollution from manure, artificial fertilizers and pesticides, eutrophication (fertilization) of rivers and oceans, resistance to antibiotics and anti-fungal agents. and there is a much greater risk of new zoonotic pandemics.

In a mainly plant-based food system there is less health damage from diseases of affluence, less environmental damage and more food security for ten billion people.

Read our manifesto here and sign it here.

A broad medical collective

General practitioners, medical researchers, medical specialists and other healthcare professionals.

Everybody is joining!


Medical students, junior doctors, general practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, medical researchers and medical specialists.

More than 20 projects


We are going to realize a plant-based transition of our food system in several ways.



Information in schools, nutrition and climate as part of the medical curriculum, end of advertising unhealthy food, true pricing, transition institutional kitchens, etc.

1300 aanmeldingen 

Al meer dan 1300 huisartsen en medisch specialisten en andere zorgprofessionals hebben zich aangemeld.

Join us!


Everyone is welcome. We are looking for active members to help our organization grow.

IN THE NEWS (Dutch articles)

3 AUG 23

V&VN: Meer plantaardig voedsel in het ziekenhuis

Inzetten op meer plantaardig eten in onze werkomgeving is simpel. 

Marieke Markensteijn-De Groot (1982) is verpleegkundige in UMC Utrecht en zet zich met Caring Nurses in voor duurzame zorg.

Vleesheffing True Pricing

3 AUG 23

Medisch Contact: ‘De oplossing voor deze nood­situatie ligt op je bord’

Plantaardig eten is de redding van mens en planeet. Daar is Patrick Deckers van overtuigd. Hij wil via Caring Doctors ziekenhuizen overtuigen om het goede voorbeeld te geven. 

Er is ook een podcast.

Vleesheffing True Pricing

If you don't have a Medisch Contact subscription you'll find the pdf  here.

30 MEI 23

Uitblinkers in de zorg.

“Ingreep pas zinvol als mensen gezond leven”

Caring Doctors pleit voor een ander voedingspatroon, namelijk 80% plantaardig, 20% dierlijk. Nu is dat andersom. 

Vleesheffing True Pricing